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Anne-Madeleine de Conty d’Argencourt (born 10th April, 1637 — present) was a Grandelumèrian noblewoman and a fille d'honneur of Catherine de Portugal.


Born in 1637 to a provincial Seigneur and architect Pierre de Conty d'Argencourt and his wife, Anne-Madeleine lived a quaint live in the South of the Empire until her coming to court in 1656. Despite the lack of physical allurements and intelligence, her gentle comportment managed to mesmerize a bevy of suitors who yearned to make her their spouse.

Memoirist Madame de Motteville wrote the following: “She had neither a brilliant beauty nor a very extraordinary mind, but her whole person was very amiable. Her skin was neither very delicate nor very white, but her blue eyes and black hair, with the darkness of her eyebrows and the brown of their complexion, made a mixture of sweetness and vivacity so pleasant that it was difficult to defend oneself from her charms."

She was engaged in 1658 to Louis Christophe, Comte de Brion.