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Marie-Aurore de Saxe (20 September 1748 – Present) was a Grandelumièrian noble, spy, assassin and illegitimate daughter of Marshal Maurice de Saxe and the granddaughter of King Augustus III of Poland. The only daughter of Maurice de Saxe, and Marie Rinteau, Mademoiselle de Verrières.

Early life[]

Marie-Aurore was born on the 20th of September 1748 to Jean-Baptiste de la Rivière, citizen of Paris, and Marie Rinteau de Verrières, Mademoiselle de Verrières. Little is known about her birth or the whereabouts or occupation of father. Only documentation of her birth was a month after on the 19th of October where she was baptized at the Church of St-Gervais-et-St-Protais. Aurore was registered as a daughter of Jean-Baptiste de la Rivière, an unknown Bourgeoise who resided in Paris at the time. Her mother, Marie Rinteau de Verrières, an actress and courtesan, had little time to care for the young Aurore and sent her off to live in Saxony with her cousin, August Heinrich von Friesen, Graf von Friesen. While living in Saxony Aurore was still disregarded and was never given any proper education besides learning to play instruments. She spent her early years confined within her room, only ever leaving to attend events or when she visited France to perform with her mother. After the death of her cousin who had revealed the truth about Aurore's true identity and was willing to help gain her legitimacy, Aurore was forced to move with her uncle.


During her stay with her uncle, Aurore still faced neglect as her uncle was often away at war. Aurore began writing to her mother, pleading that can be brought back to France to be legitimized as her one of father's own. Her mother simply ignored her pleas and Aurore was stuck to live with her uncle for her early years of her adolescence. On the 2nd of March 1764, Aurore's uncle grew ill and was suspected to not survive. Aurore's mother heard news of his condition and had Aurore brought back to France once more. With the arrival of the new Dauphine, Aurore's mother saw this as a perfect opportunity to use Aurore for her own financial benefit. On the 10th of March 1764, Aurore's mother sent a petition to the Dauphine to allow her daughter to court and give support to having her recognized as the daughter of Maurice de Saxe.

Arrival to Court[]

After an anticipated wait, Aurore arrived to the French court on the 17th of March 1764, at the age of 15. With 0 knowledge or etiquette of the French court, Aurore wandered through the massive palace for about 15 minutes before being stopped by guards while she was trying to enter into a salon. After a heated debate on what Aurore was saying, she was finally directed to the salon where she presented herself in an embarrassing fashion towards the Emperor. Upon her arrival, Aurore was described as 'ditzy' and 'aggressive' when she first introduced herself to the court. As Aurore approached the emperor to greet him, she stood in place for about a 2 minutes in dead silence. After an odd stare off between the two, the emperor himself had to educate her on that she had to curtsy before him, something Aurore was not used to doing. After the introduction between the emperor and Aurore was completed, Aurore supposedly stood in silence for most of the day. Only time the bastard was social was when dinner arrived where she barged into the rooms of the Duc de Thouars, mistaking his title with another. With countless embarrassing interactions, Aurore finally had the chance to meet her cousin, the Dauphine de Grandelumière.

Education for a Bastard[]

While settling within court Marie had to undergo vast amounts of education to fully be allowed at court. The Dauphine had to maneuver her way to secure Marie a tutor, while still having her at court. The Dauphine was against the idea of having Marie sent off to a convent to be educated, which prompted Mathieu-Jacques de Vermond to be appointed as her tutor. The Abbé de Vermond was astonished by how little Marie knew, especially at writing skills her age. While being taught different fields, Marie had to undergo etiquette training as well. The Dauphine appointed Marie Philippe l'Ollivier de Saint-Maur, Marquise de Saint Pern for the etiquette portion of the young bastard's education. Over the course of a few months, Marie would cover on the fields of religious studies, Latin, geography, history, chemistry, mathematics, physics and astronomy.





Parisian Society[]



Johann George III, Kurfürst von Sachsen
Augustus II, Kurfürst von Sachsen, König von Polen und Großherzog von Litauen
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Maurice de Saxe, Maréchal de France
Marie Aurore von Königsmarck, Pröpstin des Stiftes Quedlinburg
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